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Cabezas | AguiLara
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Monday, January 3, 2011

We luckily bumped into Antonio Lopez‘ sculptures Noche y Dia at Atocha train station while waiting to be picked up by Juan’s tios.  These huge and heavy sculptures were inspired by one of Lopez’ granddaughters.  Although we didn’t spend too much time at Atocha, there is a temperature-controlled garden full of palm trees (designed by Rafael Moneo…same guy who did Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels in LA!) inside.  It was freezing outside, but inside you feel like it could be summer.

Fortunately we got FOCA friend Bob Myers’ top galleries in Madrid list in time… because there we were at Galeria Marlborough standing in front of yet another one of Lopez’ large baby heads Carmen Dormida, and some smaller ones too.

While walking around the gallery, we noticed and loved this painting called Anillo by Spanish artist Juan Genoves.  His work plays with the static movement in painting.  From a distance the painting looks like it’s full of little dots, but as you get closer you will find detailed people walking around.  His theme of “the crowd” is apparent in his most recent paintings.

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  1. Michael Giang Says:

    Amazing! Love this piece.

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