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Archive for November, 2010

Sound installation underground

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Max Neuhaus‘ sound installation in Times Square (46th and Broadway) is subtle but powerful.

Floating 3-D matrix of light

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Jim Cambell‘s Scattered Light is a beautiful installation in Madison Square Park made of 2000 LEDs creating a vibrant symphony of light.

I’m too young to die!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

I’m becoming a Nara…

A day in Central Park

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Aguilara is in NYC once again… and the weather is incredible!  The sun is shining and the trees are yellow and orange.  The picture of Central Park from above is taken from Robert at the Museum of Arts and Design.

Public Art in Philly

Friday, November 26, 2010

Yes there is a lot of history lurking around, but contemporary art is also easy to find in Philadelphia.  The walls are covered with murals and museums/galleries are on every corner.  Here is a little taste of just one day’s walk in downtown, starting with Robert Indiana’s LOVE sculpture followed by “Your Move” at City Hall.

Mei Ling Hom’s “China Wedge” was especially designed for the triangular area under the escalator of the Convention Center.  This tight space is a metaphor for the immigrant experience.  Deep inside the sculpture is a hidden collection of sealed envelopes of writings by Asian Americans about their difficult and painful experiences.

Beneath the scaffolding may be one of the most important sites for US history… but now it has definitely been made to look like a contemporary art installation during the refurbishment process!

I saw this tree on my way to Cereal Art.  It looked so warm and cozy on this chilly autumn afternoon that I wanted to hug it… but then I thought about all the dogs who get the same feeling and pee all over it.

Claes Oldenburg’s Clothespin sculpture is quite controversial.  Some love it and others hate it.  I think it’s great!

No, I didn’t run up the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art like Rocky.  But I did see Michelangelo Pistoleto‘s excellent show there.  That night the museum stayed open until 8:45pm and there was a lively scene: a storytelling competition in one of the galleries, live jazz music and Pistoleto’s show.
PAFA is the first and oldest art school in the US.  I wonder if Thomas Eakins was as cool and hip as art students today.

Coffee is not always a bean

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

From our correspondent and number 1 fan in Tlapacoyan, Mexico (Alex, 11 years old):

Monster Drawing Rally

Sunday, November 14, 2010

100 artists made drawings today at the Center for the Arts in Eagle Rock as part of Outpost for Contemporary Art’s annual Monster Drawing Rally.  These were the last 20 artists of the day.

Aguilara loves this artist’s masked look.

Shizu Saldamando at work… We had our eye on this piece.

Notice the red dot…

and in my hand!

Dia de Muertos

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Gracias to everyone who came to Hollywood Forever Cemetery to see our ofrenda. It was an amazing, beautiful and unforgettable experience.

As we were building the ofrenda early Saturday morning, we were fortunate to catch Ruben Albarran (from Cafe Tacuba) with his band Hoppo doing a sound check. We actually dropped what we were doing and ran through the cemetery to the main stage like we had just seen a ghost. The Cemetery Gates were still closed to the public, so we got a preview of what was to come. The day was definitely starting off perfect!


Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Daniel Lara

I had a cute husband who could not only paint.
He was a jack of all trades and a lie this ain’t.
He’d not only draw, sculpt and make things online.
He could also program and code, and he was all mine.
Until one day he decided to use different media and started to mix.
And it got really ugly and impossible to fix.
So while working that final day in his artist frock,
the elements combined and he got an electric shock.


My mother was an amazing chef.
She was so good she was her own ref.
She was always in a cooking mood,
For she brought happiness to people with her food.
One day the water began to boil and into the pot she fell.
There was no one for her to scream to, grab onto or tell.
So over time with the tamales she began to cook.
And another chef wrapped her in a husk without a second look.
So her life ended there as a tamale, big and yummy.
And someone ate her up and she landed in his tummy.

Lisa and Aaron

Lisa and Aaron loved to read history and fiction.
They were so well-read they had perfect diction.
So happy with their books they would never frown.
But one day the bookworms came out and they’d drown
in all the words that they had read,
covered in bookworms, they were dead.

Wendy Pham

I once knew a woman who taught English AP
who was always working and saying “Why me?”
She corrected and corrected and read and read
Until one day they found her in the class dead.

Steven Dixon

Steven came from the land of the sheep.
But then met a girl and decided to leap
to a faraway land full of gangsters and cholos.
Because he looked Euro they though he was joto.
But as time went on their respect he gained
And over the years he received lots of fame.
Until one day La Migra decided to check
if he had a Green Card and that he wasn’t a wreck.
“Corre Corre!” his vato friends said.
But he couldn’t run fast and La Migra shot him dead.

The Young Speech Pathologist

There once was a girl who taught how to talk.
She talked and talked but could not stop.
So finally her tongue just fell out one day.
And that was the end to all she had to say.

Gary Gary Quite Contrary

He was an Engineer who did engineering stuff.
Watching him work, it looked very tough.
The planes he made went to outer space.
But he started going crazy, you could see it on his face.
One day he got overwhelmed as he built a huge plane.
And he died right there after going insane.

The Older Speech Pathologist

This woman was a Speech Pathologist all full-grown.
But at the end of her days she’d just be a bone.
For all that teaching and all that talk,
would finally cause her tongue to after-shock.

Ann and Bob

Husband and wife, they loved to collect art.
Not only cool and calm, they were really smart.
The house got fuller and fuller of all kinds of work.
They could no longer breathe, or move, or jerk.
So they were buried right there, stuck in their hall.
Inspired in their grave, amidst it all.


There once was a girl who was Mexican.
But La Migra believed she was American.
She was always taking care of kids who would bite
Cuz those children always believed that they were right.
And one day she was caring for a couple of babies
who bit her really hard and gave her rabies.


There was a successful man whose kids pulled on his brain.
Their pulling and tugging made him go insane.
But not only on his brain but his limbs, all four.
That he could not work and was left dead and poor.


My sister was always running in a race
to run from all her problems, you could see it on her face.
Cuz everyone had issues that they would tell.
Until one day running, to her death she fell.

The Sailor Ivan

There was a sailor who was in the navy.
But one day he yelled “Help me! Save me!”
Cuz that dark night he fell from his boat
and he tried to swim, but couldn’t float.
And there was this huge, purple, ugly fish
who chewed on him and said “This Cuban’s delish!”

Alex and Meredith

There was this couple, very cool and smart.
They loved design, philosophy and all things art.
He was into media and she into paint.
But on that awful day Alex started to faint.
He then tripped on a brush
and fell on her “CRUSH!”
They both were instantly flattened and dead.
And their philosophy books were sadly no longer read.

Tom and Jill

Dancing in the library, Tom and Jill,
they stepped in paint and took a spill.
At once they both fell and the loft gave way.
They knew it was over and could no longer stay
on this verdent place we do call Earth.
So back they went to Mictlan where they were before birth.


She was always up to something, could never sit and rest.
Everything she did, she said “This is the best!”
One October day she decided a party to throw.
And that’s when all her problems would begin to grow.
She got too hyperactive and her blood started to pop,
that her head would finally explode and into the cemetery lake she’d plop.

Dr. Michael

Dr. Michael could stretch you and pull you and crack your back.
He’d use all his force and never ever lack.
Then one night he cheered for his girls at the Derby
And that’s the moment everyone began to worry.
Cuz on that night he would get run down
by the Derby Dolls from some other town.
And all Angelenos started to cry and cry
because their favorite chiropractor said his last goodbye.