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Test de Arte | AguiLara
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Test de Arte

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Tomorrow is Daniel’s art opening at Casa 425.  Aguilara will be there to give the show the “Test De Arte” in order “to know (his) degree of aptitude and creative talent.”  We bought this book when we lived in Mexico and it has become Aguilara’s standard for all exhibitions.  Read the following translated excerpt: “A Test is an exam that discovers the latent endowments  and aptitude of each individual, using, for this, the most modern methods of scientific investigation and psycho-analysis.  From this Test, it will be possible to value the aptitudes and know, in a real way, the inclination, definition, and classification of the artistic talent and also the degree of intelligence, skills, and aesthetic feeling.  In this way, it will be possible for you to have a concept of your true personality, of your temperamental qualities, and what you are capable to realize in art.  Without you knowing, the test will reveal everything that you need to know about your mental and sensitive capacity, and at the same time, your manual skills and perceptive qualities” (Brian, J., “Test de Arte”, Third Ed., 1983,  p.3).


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